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Basında Biz - Ayıntap Baklava

29 s 2023

A record was broken by making a Gypsy Girl mosaic with 6 thousand 160 baklava slices.

Baklava maker Levent Aktaş, who sponsored the record attempt, stated that they showed that baklava can be evaluated not only with its taste but also in other ways, and said, "We used 6 thousand 160 baklava slices and food coloring in the baklavas. We..
29 s 2023

A Peanut-like Car from Its Owner

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29 s 2023

The 'sweet' work of baklava makers from Gaziantep

Eyyüp BURUN- Metin Faruk TAMER/ GAZİANTEP, (DHA)-There is intense work in GAZİANTEP to produce baklava ordered from domestic and abroad, just a few days before Ramadan Feast. Stating that the baklavas are ready for the holiday, Ayıntap Baklavas owner..
10 n 2021

Gaziantep: The Heart of Baklava

Gaziantep is considered the capital of the world-famous Turkish baklava. In this blog, we will explore Gaziantep's influence on baklava, this city's mastery in baklava making and its historical traditions. We will investigate how baklava became so fa..
10 n 2021

The Historical Journey of Baklava

Baklava, with its rich history and intercultural history, is a dessert that sweetens not only the palate but also the stories. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the origins of baklava, its adventure from Mesopotamia to the present day..
10 s 2023

Baklava Diversity: Regional Differences and Local Recipes

Baklava appears with its own varieties in different structures and cultures. In this blog post, we will take a look at baklava recipes from various regions of Turkey and the cultural stories of these recipes. We will discover the unique ingredients, ..
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